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Kid's Bike Guide

Begin a Lifetime of Cycling Adventures

Remember the fun and freedom that came along with your first bike? Share the joys of exploring the neighborhood and beyond on two wheels with your child. We have kids' bikes for all ages and stages, and our professional mechanics assemble and fine-tune them all - just like our quality adult bikes. Check out our selection online and visit us to learn more about choosing the right size and dialing in your child's bike fit.

boy on balance bike

Balance Bikes

Little ones love to explore the world on foot - imagine how much fun they'll have on two wheels! Ease your child into cycling with a balance bike. These bikes are designed to help little cyclists learn the motor skills and balance they need to get around by bike, preparing them for the eventual addition of pedals and training wheels.

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Boy on 12-inch kids' bike

12-Inch Kids' Bikes

Share the power of pedaling with your child when you get them their first "real" bicycle. These beginners' bikes, perfect for ages 2-4 years old, get kids started with the basics of cycling by introducing brakes, coasting, and handling. Make sure to grab a helmet and pads for a safe and fun learn-to-ride experience.

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Girl on 16-inch kids' bike

16-Inch Kids' Bikes

Chances are that your child is growing like crazy - make sure that their bike is growing along with them for a safe and enjoyable ride. This size bike is typically suitable for 3-6 year olds, and it's the perfect bike for your little ripper to start getting out on the bike trail with.

20-Inch Kids' Bikes

At this stage, the variety of styles grows to include single speed and multi-speed options. Traction, control, confidence, and fun will inspire your kid to start hitting the trails, with multi-speed options offering plenty of gear range to tackle the neighborhood hills, and enough front-end travel to ride beginner's trails confidently.

24-Inch Kids' Bikes

At this stage, a variety of more purpose-built bikes become available in just the right size. Youth mountain bikes are built tough to handle more adventurous terrain, road bikes are quick and maneuverable, and BMX bikes will handle all the curb-hopping and sweet jumps your kid can hope for. Whatever their style, there's a bike for that.


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